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Comics artist and illustrator since 2000, Marco Natale worked with many publishers: iMasterArt, Rai Pubblicità, Trinquètte Publishing, Lattes, Loescher, Jpop (Panini), Ferrero, La Stampa, Pavesio, Kawama, Erickson, Fregi&Majuscole. He published his comics tales and graphic novels for Pavesio Editore, La Stampa, Icomics, Strane Storie, Schizzo Idee/Immagini, Ganesh, Interzona.

He painted over than 15 murales and banner for many pubs and shops in Turin, Cigliano, Gerbole, Laigueglia, Aosta and Malta.

In 2003 collaborated on the production of animated feature film as “Totò Sapore” (Medusa/Lanterna Magica), “Coccobill” (DeMas/Rai), “Laura Star” (Rothkirch/Warner Bros.) and “I Magicanti e i tre elementi” (Ferrero/Motus).

In 2004 is realised “Bebo, la principessa e il drago”, his illustrated tale for children (paperback, 32 color pages, Filippo ed.) and then he worked on two covers for the series “La Tassista degli Spiriti” for the same publisher.

In 2005 working with the Tilt Cartoons team, he created “Bebo” an animated short film of which he is author, storyboarder, character and environment designer. In the same team, he conceived an on-line game for the Tilt Cartoon web site.

Afterwards, with Lattes and Loescher publishers, Marco Natale worked on school/text books and
he drew the illustrations for some attitude tests for children at the instance of the Psycology Department of the Università degli Studi di Torino.
The title of the work is “Formare alla Comunicazione” by the authors A. Mauri e C. Tinti.
Since 2009 he’s been teaching in the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Torino, Italy and in the same year he started working for Ferrero S.p.A., an italian confectionery industry, for which he draw package inserts and toys for the Kinder surprise chocolate eggs.

In 2010 published a noir graphic novel by Pavesio Editore in Italy and France, called “Bacon – Chicago 1936″ (paperback, 112 pages sepia) and two years later, in 2012, he published the second volume “Bacon – Roma 1937″ Special edition Lucca; in 2013 was pubblished the Classic version in Italy and in hardcover for France.

Since 2011 he is one of the charter members of IMasterArt srl, currently working on videogames, short movies and video clips.

In 2013 published  with Trinquette Publishing (Chicago, USA)  from its Trinquètte Weekly Challenges, 112 pages Full-Color, Full-Bleed, Hardcover.

In 2014 he published with iMasterart the artbook “Italian Master of Art”, compendium of many artwork by artists teaching at the iMasterArt Academy.

In the same year he starts to draw a new fanzine called “Vergate sul Membro” o “Pankrazio” published online.

In 2015 he begin to draw many storyboards for Rai Pubblicità advideo and storyboards for videoclip that we’ll see during 2015/2016 on national broadcasting.

As a iMasterArt production, in the same year he drew a storyboard for the film intro (8 minutes) “2184″ (Younuts!-Lebowsky) for “Lorenzo negli Stadi 2015″, opening every concerts at Jovanotti live tour. He was also on set drawing an istant storyboard supporting the 3d iMasterArt  team.

In the 2016 at Lucca Comics and Games presented “Bacon, Berlino 1938″ (paperback, 80 pages full color) the third volume of the Bacon Saga, iMasterArt Publishing edition. 

In the summer 2016 the digital paint “The Enchanted Forest” was printed on canvas and show at Biennale di Venezia, by Neoludica for videogames art.

In  March 2017 he has an exibition at Feltrinelli in Varese by Neoludica for videogames fine art.

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